Cheapside Environmental Works Middleton

Published: March 1, 2017

Practical Completion for the project was achieved in December 2016, by contractors Horticon.

The works on site are part of an overall strategy for the area and were funded by Rochdale Boroughwide Housing.

Hopefully they provide a taste of what’s possible.

Improvements include works to a rundown courtyard , demolition of garages and renewal of the space as a neighbourhood parking area

with planting and improvements around blocks of low rise flats.Project value £127k.

Ashetton Street Courtyard Exisiting site with overgrown and unstable Larch trees -uneven and irregualr paving.

Ashetton Street courtyard Enclosed frontage to adjacent road to enhance privacy.

Ashetton Street Courtyard Frontage view from King Street

Ashetton Street Courtyard Internal view of space with new Tara paving,granite edgings. and new Liquidamber trees