The project is for 134 new apartments for rent on Great Ancoats Street in Central Manchester. Our input includes the design of the ground floor public realm with York Stone Paving and  semi mature Tulip trees (Liriodendron tulipifera)in Corten Steel containers.There is also a ground floor courtyard with a mirror pool collecting rainwater runoff and planting with shade tolerant ground-cover and a specimen multi stemmed Snake Bark Maple. The 8th floor roof terrace includes aromatic herb planting, wild strawberries and espallier fruit trees. Trimmed Portugese Laurel hedges create a sense of shelter. The project reflects the tight urban grain of Ancoats and the geometry of the site.

The project gained planning approval in summer 2015 started on site in Spring 2016 .

Elevation Great Ancoats Street

Roof garden 8th floor isometric

Roof Garden Plan

Groundfloor courtyard