Hillock estate is a Manchester overspill estate located in Whitefield in north Manchester between Manchester and Bury.

The Project focussed on improved neighbourhood spaces in conjunction with improving practical issue such as parking problems. An environmental strategy for the estate was developed through a series of workshops with a steering group comprising residents and Housing staff, with workshops to develop specific projects in local neighbourhoods.

Public Realm proposals for 8 neighbourhoods spaces were developed using a robust but sculptural design approach using landform , but addressing practical issues such as providing off road parking and useable neighbourhood spaces.


The neighbourhood projects seek to create a distinctive sense of place. Sustainability issues were addressed, for instance by using existing paving materials, for uses such as the creation of low retaining walls, in the manner of a dry-stone wall. The project was completed in 2007


Work was also done to develop proposals for ‘Boz Park’ an underused and boggy area of open space adjoining the estate. The proposals formed the basis for a planning application and funding bids which have since been developed by others.

“Stephen Martlew shows great flair and imagination- engages very well with our local residents – he has an easy manner and never adopts the ‘I know best’ approach.”- ”

Phil Corris, Peak Valley Housing Association